At Hastings Secondary College we are committed to deepening and expanding our shared commitment to equity and excellence to ensure that every student will be ready for the next stage of their education.

The knowledge and skills required for students to thrive in the future-focussed learning which continues to rapidly change. The exponential growth of literacy demands is closely connected to our changing economy, labour market, and technological advancements.

Change and learning for students and teachers

Students’ learning is constantly in flux and as things change - circumstances, technologies and societies - so do students' educational needs.

Along with change, new developments in curriculum and teaching arise, and gaps open up in teachers’ capabilities to meet new needs. This continual process affects all teachers at all career stages, and engaging teachers in targeted professional development bridges these gaps.

Improved teachers and better student outcomes

Effective professional development builds the knowledge, skills and qualities of teachers to improve the outcomes of their students. When teachers engage in effective professional development:

  1. their enhanced knowledge and skills improves their teaching
  2. their improved teaching then enhances their students’ outcomes.

This process is supported by the often-cited meta-analysis by Yoon (2007) which claims that average students can potentially increase their achievement significantly, when their teachers participate in quality professional development.