During this time, you must not write, use any equipment including highlighters, or annotate your examination paper in any way. For examinations where dictionaries are permitted, you may consult your dictionary during reading time.

iii. You MUST 

a. write your student number or name on all writing booklets, special answer books and answer sheets, as per campus instructions or unless that information is pre-printed.

b. remain seated, facing forward and quiet for the duration of the examination.

c. stop writing immediately when told to do so by the supervisor.

d. arrange completed answers according to the supervisor’s instructions and wait for the supervisor to collect them.

iv. You must NOT

a. begin writing until instructed to do so by the supervisor

b. leave the examination room (except in an emergency). If you have to leave you will be supervised while you are absent from the examination room and the time of your absence will be recorded.

c. remove an examination paper from the examination room.

Conduct during the examinations

i. You must follow the supervisors’ instructions at all times.

ii. You are required to remain until the end of each examination.

iii. You must behave in a polite and courteous manner towards the supervisors and other students.

iv. You must NOT

a. speak to any person other than a supervisor during an examination.

b. behave in any way likely to disturb the work of any other student or upset the conduct of the examination.

c. eat in the examination room (except for medical reasons).

d. take any writing booklets, whether used or not, from the examination room.

v. If you do not make a serious attempt at an examination, you may receive a mark of zero (0). Students are required to attempt a range of question types throughout the examination paper. Simply attempting multiple-choice questions is not sufficient for an attempt to be considered serious. If you do not follow these rules, or if you cheat in the examinations in any way, you will receive a mark of zero and be placed on the BOSTES register of malpractice for the examination.


Approved list of scientific calculators for the Higher School Certificate Examination.