Senior studies


Your subject choices should reflect your strengths and interests, and support your career aspirations. Plus, if you enjoy the subjects you study you're more likely to do well in them. By the end of Term 2, all year 10 students will be choosing their subjects for year 11.


Platinum - A targeted academic program for students wishing to excel in their ATAR. Suitable for those willing to commit to an additional weekly session, which will focus on skills to support high-level achievement in all subject areas. Students in the Platinum Program will have access to extension courses (English, Mathematics, Science, and History), study tours focused on improving HSC results (Lady Musgrave research project and the Ancient History/Art Europe study tour) and application support for academic opportunities such as the National Youth Science Forum and the University Medical Admissions Test. Entry is by application and interview.


ATAR - Students wanting access to University, College or TAFE will undertake a pattern of study which provides them with an HSC and an ATAR.This is also suitable for those who would like to leave the option of University open. Each student will be guided in the creation of a suitable pattern of subjects which reflects their personal goals.


FLEX - For students who are not quite sure what career pathway they want. Flex students create their own unique learning pathway with access to our full range of both academic and College vocational courses. Flex provides opportunities to access further study as well as prepare students for the workforce.


INDUSTRY BASED TRAINING (IBT) - A pathway specifically designed for students who are looking to enter the workforce with both the HSC and vocational qualifications.
IBT students will have the opportunity to design a personalised pathway, which includes College vocational courses, integrated work placement, access to TAFE courses free of charge and the possibility of a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship. IBT students will attain an HSC credential and an Australian Qualification Framework credential, including Certificate II and Certificate III, which can be used to accelerate further vocational studies.


FT2E - FAST TRACK TO EMPLOYMENT Designed specifically for students who will benefit from intensive support to build employability skills and workplace literacies.
An individualised program of work placement will assist Fast Track students to gain experience in a range of settings. These students will achieve a Record of School Achievement or an HSC. Entry is by application and interview