Chemistry in Stage 6 visualises the dynamic world of atoms, chemical interactions and the structure, composition and reactions of and between elements, compounds and mixtures. The problem-solving nature of chemistry further develops students’ working scientifically skills by focusing on the exploration of models, analysis of theories and laws and an understanding of their interconnectedness. The discovery and synthesis of new compounds and materials and their properties, structures, interactions and related applications is explored through empirical investigations, modelling, chemical analysis and chemical synthesis.

Students who study chemistry, investigate real-world problems and derive relationships between variables. They are required to engage in analysing and representing data, solve mathematical problems and develop and use models to represent chemicals and reactions. Chemistry is a discipline that utilises innovative and creative thinking to address new challenges, such as sustainability, monitoring of industrial processes, energy needs and the creation of new materials.

The study of chemistry provides the foundation knowledge and skills required to support participation in a range of careers and post-school studies in a range of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and health science fields.