Hastings Secondary College offers a complete and rigorous science curriculum, ensuring our students are well-prepared for life after high school. Understanding science is necessary in the modern world. It is a key part of understanding breaking news, interacting with our planet, choosing and using technology, and even making healthcare decisions. Science prepares students for their adult life regardless of the career path they choose

Science subjects provide a wide range of challenging and stimulating topics in the junior years and elective subjects in the senior years. In all learning there is a strong emphasis on working scientifically.

Science is a core subject in the curriculum in which all students experience ways of understanding the natural world.

Science staff have a diverse range of experiences and interests, offering 'hands on' science programs incorporating experimental design and problem-solving skills.

Year 7 - Science topics include mixtures, cells, classification, space, ecology and energy. Practical science skills and student research projects are incorporated.

Year 8 - Topics include matter, elements and compounds, living organisms, rocks, resources, forces and chemical changes. Students also undertake Techno Task and display their research and understanding to younger student audiences.

Year 9 - Areas covered are coordination and disease, plate tectonics, atomic theory, the periodic table, acid reactions, waves, the big bang, energy transfers and environmental science.

Year 10 - Topics include electricity, chemical reactions, evolution, biotechnology, motion, modern chemistry and an individual research assignment.

Year 11 & 12 - 2 Unit courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Investigating Science, Earth and Environmental Science as well as Agriculture, Primary Industries and Marine Studies are offered.

Enrichment of the teaching program occurs by students being involved in activities beyond the classroom at universities such as CSU,  excursions, science fairs, skystories nights  and many student centred activities and learning opportunities. The program is further enhanced by a range of excellent visiting speakers and presentations. In addition, students are given the opportunity to expand their horizons by participation in competitions and primary school mentoring.

Agriculture and Marine Studies are offered as electives in Year 9 and 10.

Agricultural Science enables students to explore ways to manage natural resources such as plants, animals, climate, soil and water sustainably. The scope of the subject is broad. Because of the fundamental importance of agriculture to humans, this subject is relevant to all students. The electives concentrate on Animal Husbandry (school-based poultry and farm animal rearing projects) and Horticultural principles (Home garden project).

Marine Studies and Aquaculture Technology allows students to understand and experience many of the nature wonders we are surrounded with in Port Macquarie. These include swimming and snorkling, first aid, rock platforms, mangroves and whales. Students may choose from over 30 areas to focus on relevant and interesting aspects of the marine environment.

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