LEAP is an acronym for ‘Learning by engaging, authentic pedagogy’ and is designed for students who can be independent learners. LEAP was set up at both campuses of Hastings Secondary College after extensive research during 2015. Staff visited existing academies to learn what was working best and to decide how the best practices could be adopted for the students of the College. LEAP has been developed to cater for students who would benefit from a more individualised approach to learning.

There are many interest areas selected by the students depending on their passions and interests and may include areas such as midwifery, animal studies, the fitness industry, agriculture, interior design, computers and many more.

Students can still go in and out of the program for elective subjects and still participate in College life including swimming and atheletics carnivals.

Personalised learning

LEAP enables students to use their individual interests and passion as the focus of their learning.

Class size is limited to 15 students to ensure that projects designed by students with the support of their LEAP teachers connect knowledge from the various subject areas in a meaningful way to enhance motivation. The individualised projects aim to help students develop a deep understanding of curriculum content and prepare them for future study, careers and citizenship.

Our successful students are given the opportunity to excel and achieve their potential in learning through the provision of a variety of innovative educational models.

Academic Rigour

Students in LEAP will be supported to become self-directed, independent learners who are capable of high levels of achievement. They will develop skills in problem-solving, communication, teamwork, planning and organising, self-management and technology.

Individual Learning Spaces

As students spend the majority of their school day in the LEAP room, they have an individual learning space which they can personalise with photos, drawings, poems, etc. In addition to the personal learning space, there are areas more suited to collaborative work.

Students who are part of LEAP are facilitated by teachers, who remain with the students for the entire year and develop a caring and respectful relationship with each child.

Each morning, students and their teacher meet to discuss the outline for the day. This may include addressing their individualised learning needs, group tasks, outings or other important issues that may arise. The LEAP group stays together for the majority of their classes thus developing strong relationships amongst each other.

Connect to Community Program

Students are assisted to maximise their learning by the use of one-to-one, small groups with mentors and coaches, work experience, involvement in volunteer activities, involvement of guest speakers, as well as exhibitions and presentations to the school and broader community.

Parent Participation

A major benefit of this learning environment is the partnership that is established with the parents and carers of the students. Parents participate in the exhibition of student work.

Expression of Interest

Students in Year 8, Year 9 or Year 10 (Port Macquarie Campus) and Year 9 and 10 (Westport Campus) are eligible to apply. Contact your campus for more information.