The Student Representative Council on each campus provides a supportive environment that develops leadership skills and working cooperatively to achieve set goals, inspiring and motivating their peers and promoting a culture of campus pride and belonging.

Aspirations and Objectives of the Student Representative Council and Leadership Team:

The expectations of the Student Representative Council and the Leadership Team include representing the interests of the entire student body and promoting social responsibility in the local and broader community.

The objectives of the Student Leadership groups include:

  • Building school spirit by encouraging students to participate in campus activities.
  • Supporting the welfare of the school’s student body as a whole.
  • Providing an environment for students to ascertain and discuss student opinions.
  • Developing relationships and supporting the activities of other groups within the school, such as the Chaplaincy.
  • Bringing the school and wider community closer together by supporting community programmes and charities.
  • Creating leadership opportunities for students in both the junior and senior years at each campus.

Student Representative Council Activities:

Each campus is involved in many activities and fundraising events, including donations to charities, such as

  • Fundraising appeals for natural disasters
  • Anti-bullying Day - “Be your own superhero”
  • Involvement with our partner primary schools
  • The opportunity to speak at official functions and to community groups such as Rotary
  • ANZAC Day commemoration at school and in the community
  • Earth Hour
  • National Tree Day
  • Daffodil Day
  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • Legacy
  • Red Shield Appeal
  • International Women’s Day
  • World Teachers’ Day
  • Attendance at student leadership training days/conferences
  • Quiz activities
  • Trivia nights