Learning Support Teams (LST) are on both campuses and is part of “Wellbeing”. The Learning Support Team monitors the administration of all areas that deal with student wellbeing and plays a key role in ensuring that the specific needs of students with additional learning and support needs are met.

The team:

  • supports teachers in identifying and responding to the additional learning needs of students
  • facilitates and coordinates a whole school approach to improving the learning outcomes of every student
  • coordinates planning processes and resourcing for students with additional learning and support needs
  • designs and implements the supports required to build teacher capacity so that all students access quality learning
  • develops collaborative partnerships with the school, parents and carers, other professionals and the wider school community.

Students with an additional need supported through the structures of the wellbeing faculty. Various personnel including:

  • Head Teacher Wellbeing
  • Learning and Support Teachers
  • Year Advisors
  • School Counsellors
  • Chaplain
  • Student Learning and Support Officers (Teacher Aides)
  • Deputy Principals.

The core business of the Learning Support Team (LST) is to ensure communication, connection, and academic support is accessed holistically.

Where appropriate an individualised response is implemented to best support your child.

An example of the way in which all students are supported is through the Breakfast Club initiative.

Breakfast Club operates five mornings a week from 7.30am - 8.10am. Breakfast club is a great way to start the day, often a chance for a second breakfast.

Wednesday is Pancake Day at Westport campus.