Connect is, in essence, a pastoral care program which occurs three/four times a week. During this time, students and staff engage in activities with the fundamental purpose being the development of positive relationships.

The success and happiness of all students is the priority of every member of staff at Hastings Secondary College. 

We value every student, and we ensure that each student feels connected to our College. The Positive Behaviour for Learning values of SAFE, RESPECTFUL AND PERSONAL BEST underpin the communication and interaction between students, staff and families at the College. Find out more about PBL. CLICK HERE

Connect distributes daily messages to students. 

Activities have literacy, numeracy and wellbeing focus which enable students to build connections across year groups.

All staff participates in Connect. We nurture and support our students, helping them to develop into confident, independent and successful young adults. 

Support and encouragement are provided for all students to achieve their personal best in academic, creative, vocational and sporting pursuits within a positive, respectful environment where individual differences are not only accepted but celebrated.