NSW public schools are committed to providing safe, supportive and responsive learning environments for everyone. We teach and model the behaviours we value in our students.

Behaviour Code for Students: Actions

Promoting the learning, wellbeing and safety of all students in NSW public schools is a high priority for the Department of Education.

We implement teaching and learning approaches to support the development of skills needed by students to meet our high standards for respectful, safe and engaged behaviour.


  • Treat one another with dignity
  • Speak and behave courteously
  • Cooperate with others
  • Develop positive and respectful relationships and think about the effect on relationships before acting
  • Value the interests, ability and culture of others
  • Dress appropriately by complying with the school uniform or dress code
  • Take care with property


  • Model and follow departmental, school and/or class codes of behaviour and conduct
  • Negotiate and resolve conflict with empathy
  • Take personal responsibility for behaviour and actions
  • Care for self and others
  • Avoid dangerous behaviour and encourage others to avoid dangerous behaviour


  • Attend school every day (unless legally excused)
  • Arrive at school and class on time
  • Be prepared for every lesson
  • Actively participate in learning
  • Aspire and strive to achieve the highest standards of learning

The principal and school staff, using their professional judgment, are best placed to maintain discipline and provide safe, supportive and responsive learning environments. The department provides a policy framework and resources such as Legal Issues Bulletins, access to specialist advice, and professional learning to guide principals and their staff in exercising their professional judgment. In this context the NSW Government and the Department of Education will back the authority and judgment of principals and school staff at the local level.

Download the Behaviour Code for Students