Students at Westport Campus feel supported, encouraged and inspired by staff that are willing to provide the extra assistance necessary to help them to achieve their best academically, culturally, on the sporting field and in community participation. Students are supported in their education in a variety of ways, including support from the Head Teacher of Welfare, the Learning and Support Team (LAST), Year Advisors and Pastoral Care Teachers.

Students are also supported by two trained Counsellors whose primary responsibilities are to provide confidential counselling and support to students and their families.

The school is also fortunate to have the services of an Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO). Brooke, the AEO, is available to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in their schooling and organisers a variety of cultural activities throughout the year.

Student success is celebrated and documented as part of our “Learning Expectations” and student merit and reward system. Our student discipline system is focused on the rights of the teacher to teach and the students to learn, while also providing strong welfare support for students.

Campus Counsellor

A Campus Counsellor is available for students and parents for individual and family counselling and to provide specialised assistance to campus staff. 

Referrals are taken from the students themselves, other students, parents, and campus staff.

The counselling service is located in the Wellbeing Department above the Library and is available three days a week. Students should contact the counsellor directly or ask a teacher or their year adviser on how to access the service. Parents can contact the service through the administrative staff or the year adviser.

Supervisor of Girls

Girls who are ill, or worried over personal or school problems, may seek advice from the supervisor of girls, Mrs Tammy Frater.  

Head Teacher Wellbeing

Mr Matt Smith liaises with year advisers, and deputy principals are student issues and are available to students in need. He provides guidance and counselling and can refer students to the appropriate personnel in outside agencies for additional support as required. Mr Smith also oversees the Connect program.

Learning and Support Teacher - LAST

There are a number of LAST’s available to provide for those students who need learning assistance. The LAST ’s can recommend students for life skills courses and organises support for students who have special provisions for exams and assessment tasks.

School Learning Support Officers (SLSO)

School learning support officers works under the direction and supervision of the classroom teacher. They provide assistance to students with disability and additional learning and support needs enrolled in special schools, specialist support classes in regular schools and regular classes. They can provide assistance with school routines, classroom activities, and the care and management of students with disability and additional learning and support needs.

Aboriginal Education Officer

The Aboriginal Education Officer provides assistance to Aboriginal students and parents, teachers and the wider College communities. The emphasis given to these aspects of the role will vary,according to the nature of priorities and activities throughout the year. Currently our Aboriginal Team includes Kelly O'Brien, Aboriginal Education Officer, Brooke Paul, Aboriginal SLSO.