All uniform items must have the College and Campus logo or College “H-birds” embroidered on them.

Items without this are NOT part of the school uniform. If a student is out of uniform, a short note should be provided stating the reason.

All items are available at the Uniform shop.

  • Leggings, hoodies, tights, jeans and brief shorts are NOT part of the school uniform.
  • Jewellery or make-up should NOT be worn to school.
  • Enclosed solid plain black leather lace-up shoes must be worn at all times while at school, except sports days and PE practical lessons when students must wear sport joggers.
  • Students are encouraged to wear College navy peaked cap with “H” embroidered logo while outdoors but they must be removed when entering classrooms.
  • All items, except socks, must have the Westport Campus Logo. Items purchased from other suppliers without the logo are NOT part of the school uniform.

The following system is based on students accepting responsibility for wearing the correct uniform and reporting to Rm 13 at lunch 1 if they are not wearing uniform.

  1. Students should bring a note when out of uniform. This should only be under exceptional circumstances.
  2. Every student out of uniform will be recorded when the roll is marked in Connect (with or without a note)
  3. Every student out of uniform MUST report to Rm 13 in lunch 1 to receive a 1 day uniform pass from a deputy or Head Teacher.
  4. Students without a note from home will be required to stay in Rm 13.
  5. If a student does not have a uniform pass after Lunch 1, they will be referred to a deputy and given an executive detention.
  6. Students who are continually out of uniform may be excluded from events such as school representation and non-compulsory curriculum activities. It will also be recorded on school reports.
  7. Students are required to show their current uniform pass to any teacher that requests it.

NOTE: Students and families experiencing financial hardship are encouraged seek assistance by contacting the school.