Providing our students with the latest information to help you make decisions for your future career and life beyond school.

Locate University, TAFE and other courses across Australia, get information about the HSC, search for job vacancies and much more.

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Career Planning

During your time of online learning you will have access to lessons on future careers and career planning. This work is not compulsory but will assist you to start thinking about your future.

You can find the site at: 

If you have any difficulties email Mrs Shaw:

This site has a student portal where you will be provided with lessons and activities.

You will also be able to do things like:

  • Career Personality Quiz
  • Interest test
  • Skills and Abilities Evaluation
  • Work Values Evaluation
  • Employability Skills Audit
  • Entrepreneurship Quiz
  • Career Planner
  • Career Investigator
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • e-Portfolio
  • Mock on-line Job Application
  • Get/Record USI
  • Personal Statement
  • Workplace Safety Certificate

The system will save everything for you in your own Secure Account.

The site contains a huge amount of information and should be your first stop when you are looking for information on anything job, careers, university and TAFE related - plus there is so much more!

How to Connect

Go to the site  – 

 On the “Home Page” please note:

  1. The Message Board – I will post messages and notices here, so keep an eye on this.
  2. All that you have at your fingertips – please explore the site.
  3. You can book a time for Mrs Shaw to call you via the Appointment Booking System. The link is in 3 places. The top left of the home page; as well as, under the “For Parents” and “For Students” menus. Just click on a day you wish to speak with your teacher, then a box will appear for you to fill in your details and select a time. Mrs Shaw will give you and/or your parents a call at that time. We are here to help. 
  4. Now you need to create an account. Once you do this, you will have this account until you leave school.
  5. Click on the red “Register here” button and enter your details:
  6. Click the blue “Register” button – your account is now created, and you will be re-directed to the Login page to log in.

If you already have an account but can’t remember your password:

  • Go to the “For Students” menu, and then select “Students’ Secure Area”
  • Click on the “Reset Your Password” link
  • Enter the email address you registered with and click on “Send Password Reset Link”
  • An email will be sent to you with a link to select a new password. You need to do this straight away as the link will expire and you will need to start again. If you don’t get it, then check your SPAM/Junk folder.

Please remember that the lessons and activities need to be downloaded and saved to your computer before you fill them out. If you do not do this, your work may not save!

Completed lessons/activities and any other PDF or Word Docs you need to keep are to be uploaded to your “Document Draw” which can be found in the left-hand menu.

There is a “Help” link in the left-hand menu where you can access “Help Videos” on each feature in your Student Account. There is also a “Help” button on the welcome page when you first log in.

The “Lessons and Activities” tab can be accessed via the button on the welcome page when you first log in. You can choose to do any of the activities or any of the lessons. Some lessons are more suited to students in Years 7-9 and some lessons suit students in the senior years. New activities and lessons will be updated daily.

Please check your emails – especially students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Updates will be sent out and also posted on the Hastings Secondary College Facebook page and 2020 Year 12 Westport Campus Careers Closed Facebook Page