The Public Attendance Act requires each student to be at school each day.  If a student is unable to attend, the campus requires that you notify and confirm in writing, the absence, and its cause.  This should be done immediately upon the child's return to campus.

If a student is absent, parents or carers may be notified by SMS. Where a student is absent for whatever reason(s), it is compulsory for the campus to examine attendance and progress and determine whether the learning requirements have been met. Parents will be notified in advance of our concerns in this matter.

Avoiding unnecessary absences is an important part in having students achieve the best education possible. In order to encourage this, the campus will contact parents if attendance is causing concern. As a last resort, students may be omitted from non-subject related excursions and socials.

Students absent from school should bring a note on their first day of return, stating the reasons for being absent. This note should be presented to the roll teacher and should show clearly the roll class at the top.  If students intend being absent for part of the day, they should, before school, present to the office parental consent and the reason for such absence and obtain a pass-out. If students will be absent from sport they should, before school on Wednesday, present a note to a PD/H/PE staff member to be signed and return to the office for a pass.