The campus code of conduct endorsed by the P&C association requires all students to wear the campus uniform. It is a requirement of the Department of Education that all government school students wear a uniform. The wearing of the campus uniform at Port Macquarie campus is compulsory.

Uniform Shop Trading Hours During School Term

The uniform shop and uniform supplies are located at the main office at Port Macquarie Campus. Office staff manage all uniforms at the campus. Uniform supplies are available for sale and fittings through the main office from 8 am - 2.30 pm Monday - Friday.

Our college has a uniform policy to which students must abide for the purpose of ready identification of students and non-students at school, as well as giving students a sense of personal pride in their own appearance. The college urges all parents to encourage their child/ren to be a responsible member of our community by supporting the accepted standard of dress at Hastings Secondary College.

Online Uniform Shop

Parents are able to order online via Flexi-Schools by: 

1. Go to the Flexi-Schools ​website.

2. Click 'register now' to create an account.

3. Top up your balance (Visa and Mastercard also accepted).

4. Start ordering immediately (please note there is a 0.29 cent processing fee for ordering via Flxi-Schools.

For any enquiries please call Flexi-Schools on 1300 361 769.