Thank you for your attendance at the Parent Lounge Session to discuss the Revised Mobile Phone Policy for Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus.  

The internet is here to stay, along with social media. We must continually teach our young people about safe, timely and responsible use.

The revised mobile phone policy will focus on three key words of safe, timely and responsible.

Information and resources shared at the Parent Lounge Session on the Mobile Phone Policy


Other Resources

Lawyer and social researcher David Gillespie has been delving into the complex business of the teenage brain.

He says the usual teenage compulsions like smoking, drinking and drug taking are in steep decline, as teenagers are now more likely to seek a pleasure hit from their screens.

But the games and social media apps they use are deliberately engineered to be addictive.

Listen to his podcast on how the iPhone rewrote the teenage brain.

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