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Port Macquarie Campus library staff play an integral role in developing and promoting both a positive reading culture and student research skills that enable students to become informed independent learners. The library environment has been designed to encourage reading and learning zones in a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment.

A vast array of physical and digital resources supporting all key learning areas provide students opportunities to refine their skills in accessing information that will ultimately enhance their research and knowledge.

Port Macquarie Campus has developed a diverse collection of resources that appeals to all staff and students.

Fiction books have been organised into genres so students can easily find their favourites. Prominent book displays promote new and popular books. Students can keep up to date with the latest news in science, sports, history, fishing, surfing, relationships, geography and humour with our collection of magazines which are always on display.

A wide range of games and activities are also available to students to play during lunch breaks.

Port Macquarie Campus Library objectives

  • To promote lifelong learning through open access to resources.
  • To provide resources to support and augment the educational programs of Port Macquarie Campus.
  • To ensure that all students have a place where they can work and /or study effectively.
  •  To enhance the recreational quality of staff and student life by the provision of a wide range of fiction and general interest materials.

Access to Information

Students accessing the Library website need to go through Sentral via the links below and login with their Department of Education Account, students will then be able to:

  1. Use Oliver (our library database) to view the school library catalogue, reserve books, see availability of resources, extend borrowing times and more.
  2. Use the Online Referencing Guide (ORG) a simple way to make sure referencing and bibliographies are correct. APA 6 style guide.
  3. Create their own comics.
  4. Access databases from other institutions – National archives, War memorial, MNC library services - (if a member), the State library, Trove.
  5. Link to Creative Commons and Smartcopying sites which share the latest news on copyright.