Our Administration staff are the main point of contact between the school's administration and parents, students and teachers. Campus enquiries and administrative enquiries are dealt with by our Front Office staff. The Front Office is open daily from 7.30am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Student Messages

Announcements or any messages that may need to be passed on to students can be done by phoning the campus on 6583 1844.

Early Departure: Prior arrangements must be made before collecting a student during school time. An approval for an early pass must be completed prior to collection. Notes can be taken to the office before school for an early leave pass.

Please ensure students are aware of any prior arrangements in order for the student to advise their teacher the need to leave class early to be collected from the Administration Office.

Late Arrival: Where possible an approval must be completed for a late pass and the student must sign in at the Administration Office with their Student ID card and explanatory note upon arrival to the campus.


Visitors are defined as all people other than staff members, students, and parents/guardians involved in the task of delivering or collecting children at the start or end of the school day.

All visitors will be required to report to the administration office prior to undertaking any activity within the school, where they will be required to sign a ‘Visitors’ book and will be assigned a ‘Visitors’ badge which they must wear at all times within the campus. Similarly, visitors will be required to report to the administration office at the end of their visit to return their badge and to ‘sign out’ in the Visitors book. Visitors will be provided with directions and will be required to undertake a WHS induction prior to entering the campus grounds.

Student Services/Finance Office

Our Administration office is the key point of call for students and families paying subject fees, hiring lockers, purchasing school uniforms, and paying for school excursions.

School Uniform

The uniform is administered from the Administration Office. Please see the following link for pricing and opening times of the uniform shop. Find out more about the uniform shop.

Student Medical Forms

Some students suffer from serious medical conditions that require 'annual' medical action plans and support documentation to be submitted.

Medical action plans and student health plans form part of an extremely important process in managing a student's overall wellbeing whilst in our care, at Hastings Secondary College. By having supporting medical documentation in place, it is reassurance that your child will receive the best of care and the appropriate response to their condition.

School Levies and Book Packs

The levy you pay contributes to the cost of your child’s education program, and includes:

  • Items your child uses during the school year such as learning materials.
  • Services, such as school excursions, attending performances and school camps that are part of your child’s educational program.
  • Stationary and book packs are facilitated by the P and C for all year groups and is available online.

Other charges

  • In some subjects there may be an option of extending a project or task at an additional cost.  This contribution will only need to be paid if your child chooses to take up the opportunity.
  • Other charges for students may apply to optional activities such as school social events, extra music tuition, and recreational or holiday trips.
  • Elective fees pay for subject specific materials used in courses. Items made can then be taken home.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance is available through the Student Assistance Scheme to assist eligible families with the cost of them school related expenses. The school office will assist with enquiries on a confidential basis.