Hastings Secondary College Year 11 student Madisan Rogers is set to sail the voyage of a lifetime. Chosen as one of 23 other young Australians aged 16-23, Madisan will learn not only how to sail the ship, but how to work together as a team. She is looking forward to seeing the spectacular parts of Australia that many others never get to see.

Madisan will set sail on 17 November and sail from Newcastle to Eden. Onboard, she will learn to sail a 44-metre tall ship on the open sea. The voyage will include aspects of sailing a square-rigger. This will involve climbing the mast, setting the sails, navigating, keeping watch, taking the helm and helping in the galley trained by a professional Navy crew.

A Young Endeavour voyage is not a leisurely cruise. It’s challenging and exhilarating. 

With her sense of adventure and willingness to push herself to the limit, Madisan is looking forward to the opportunity to discover new reserves of character, commitment, confidence, teamwork and leadership. 

Ms Sarah Rowsell and Mr Lloyd Godson, teachers at Hastings Secondary College, have also experienced being participants on the tall ship. Ms Rowswell was also an Australian Youth Ambassador for the tall ship.

Congratulations Madisan on your acceptance - what an opportunity.