Commerce Market Stalls

Year 9 Commerce students have been learning about promoting and selling products. This culminated when Market Day Stalls opened for brisk trade for the Year 9 Commerce Market Day.

As a cornerstone of their current topic of study, students formed groups to target the consumer market at Westport Campus. Each group was responsible for establishing a business idea, promoting and apply selling techniques for that business.

From popcorn, slime, and everything rhubarb through to a full range of pastries dessert options, each group delivered a fantastic array of delicacies and high-quality customer service. A new comic book was also launched.

Teachers and students voted on the best marketing concept with TimbaRhubarb taking out the "Best Marketing Concept."

Market Day enables Year 9 Commerce students to apply their knowledge of operations, marketing, human resources, business systems. In the end, the stalls proved to be both a fun and an educational experience.