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On Thursday, 4 July, the Year 7 Zenith class celebrated the culmination of over six weeks work with their exhibition, entitled It's Greek to Me, at the Westport Museum of Antiquities (otherwise known as our Library!).

The joint HSIE and English Inquiry Based Learning project was designed by Mr Jake Orman, who focused on Ancient Greek History and Ms Linda Best, who explored mythology with the class.

The students worked independently on their exhibits supported by their teachers and our Teacher Education Student, Ms Leeanne Grant, who stayed on an extra week after her placement was finished to see the project through to its conclusion. 

Students, staff, family and friends visited the exhibition, which included 'artefacts' such as a bust of Prometheus, Spartan weapons and armour, Lego models of the Parthenon and of Jason and the Argonauts, ancient games and quizzes. There was even a modern film adaptation of the Promethean myth. 

Student work was marked on the day and visitors voted for their favourite exhibit, for which the winners will receive a prize at their Reward pizza party next term. Ms Best, Mr Orman and Ms Grant would like to extend their congratulations to the students and thank them for their hard work and enthusiasm.