For our Persuasive Texts unit all of Year 7 explored the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. When we studied the plight of refugees, talented 7E poet, Faeeza  was inspired to write the poem you see below.

We are really looking forward to more fantastic work from Faeeza in our next unit, which just happens to be Poetry. Well done, Faeeza! 



We hear the men walking      

With their leather boots and gunning 

They take the money  

They take the kids  

And leave us with nothing 


Once the sun rose over the hills 

At its highest peak 

We hear father arguing 

And mother crying 

And screaming 


And praying 

And we hear their guns 




And silence 


The children no longer play 

Nor laugh 

Nor smile 

They no longer eat 

Nor drink 

Nor sleep a single blink 

Without their mother’s kiss 

And the soft warm fragrance of her scarf 

And their father’s hands 

Strong and friendly 

Caressing their gentle faces 


They are left empty 

Left with empty stomachs 

Empty eyes 

Empty hearts 

Just empty 

Hope has been left behind 

Courage has been forgotten 

But emptiness 

And fear creep in 

Taking over 

With their hollow cheeks      

And worn out limbs    

And their bruised bodies 

Their lashed up backs 


They run 


In the dead of night 

While the men sleep  

With their satisfied, smug faces 

With blood on their whips   



Our people’s blood 



Our people’s lives 

Our people’s hearts         


We run  

And run 

And run 

Away from their stars 

That shoot up and explode



Our schools 

Our playgrounds 

Our homes 

Our lives 


We run 

From the guns 

The screams 

The cries 


We run.   


Faeeza  7E