Year 7 Orientation Day

We welcome Year 6 students to our Year 7 2021 Orientation Day.

All current year 6 students who will be attending Hastings Secondary College in 2021 will have the opportunity to learn more about secondary school. They will spend the whole day at their campus on Tuesday 1 December. During the day the student's will experience taster lessons of some subjects and learn more about what is expected of them as a secondary school student.

Year 6 students (and families) have the opportunity to treat this day as a “practice run” for next year, they can catch the bus, walk, ride or be dropped off/picked up as though a normal school day. Student leaders at each campus will be at the front gates in the morning to welcome and accompany your child to the hall, where the day starts.

Peer Support Student Leaders are trained to support Year 6 on Orientation Day, Day 1 2021 and through the school year.

Orientation Day usually have these activities. We are currently developing Covid safe arrangements.

  • Students will assemble in the hall/MPC at the beginning of the day. We will introduce staff and inform them about Year 7 and high school.
  • Getting to know you activities to build new and positive friendships
  • Sample lessons will form a significant part of the day
  • Sports and games
  • Assemble for information packs and farewell until next year

    We look forward to seeing you at what will be a valuable and exciting day for Year 7 2021 students and their parents.