Graduation westport campus

The dedication these students have made is an enormous one worth reflecting on. To our parents and family of these fine young men and women, thank you for making the commitment and partnership in education with us. Your children are here today because of you.

What an achievement for each of you, as well as family, friends and the staff that helped make your journey possible. You should each feel proud and happy to have completed your HSC year at Hastings Secondary College, Westport Campus.

Hastings Secondary College, Westport Campus has provided a strong foundation for you to be optimistic about your future, to have a determination that will compliment your personal qualities and an understanding of the responsibilities of being a civic-minded Australian.

Today closes the door on one small chapter in your life and heralds the start of something new, opening the door to 2021 where more possibilities will be available to you and a chance to explore and challenge yourselves in new ways.

Good luck with your journey, thank you again for being part of the Westport story and PLEASE keep in touch so that we can see where you are going and what you are doing.

Watch recording of assembly.

Westport Campus graduation