Year 12 Graduation

Amid much fanfare, ceremony and tradition, the College farewelled its Year 12 Class of 2019 Westport Campus. This has been a year group of big and bright personalities who are kind and compassionate, loyal and committed. They each have left an impression on the College community, and we wish them well in their upcoming HSC examinations and beyond.

Thank you to the parents and families of our Year 12 students for your support during their years at Westport and your continued support over the coming weeks until HSC examinations are completed.

Subject Awards

Caitlin Axelby - First in Geography

Reece Azzopardi - First in Photography

Anna-Maree Bleasdale - Frist in English Studies

Britney Bosschieter - First in Standard English

Jennifer Cooper - First in Mathematics Standard 2, First in Business Studies, First in Hospitality.

Kyah Griffin - First in Mathematics Standards 1

Georgia Hamilton - First in Mathematics, First in Advanced English, First in Extension 1 English, First in Extension 2 English, First in Music 1, First in Visual Arts, First in Ancient History.

Tahlia Hedge - first in English Studies

Mariah McCleery - First in Mathematics Extension 1, First in Mathematics Extension 2, First in Chemistry

Tori McCombe - Second in Standard English, First in Construction, First in Industrial Technology: Timber Products and Furniture Technologies, First in Metal and Engineering.

Jessica Pickering - First in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

Charlotte Salt - First in Primary Industries

Angelina Seniel - Third in English as a Second Language

Joshua Sharp - Second in Mathematics Standard 2

Tahlia Sheather - First in Community and Family Studies

Special Awards

Our special awards are decided across the School and acknowledge significant achievements of our students and their involvement in voluntary and extra-curricular activities. These also include External Awards from prestigious organisations.

The first award is the Jason Northey Memorial Award for School Leadership. Our 2019 captains have approached their duties and responsibilities with dignity and maturity. They are both highly positive in their contribution to our school community and are to be congratulated on their fine representation of Westport Campus during their captaincy.

Congratulations go to Jennifer Cooper and Braden Clarke.

The Principal’s Award for School Leadership is presented to students who have shown outstanding commitment and responsibility. This award winner has been student at Westport for six years and in that time she has been an active member of her year group in both the leadership team as well as through her involvement in WASCALS. Her kindness and organisational skills are reflected in her actions and motivation of others to follow her lead. She has great pride in Westport and has demonstrated this in all that she does.

Congratulations Charlotte Salt.

The Principal’s Award for academic excellence recognises exceptional academic achievement across all their subjects. This student is a consistent achiever across all of her subjects and always performs to the best of her ability. She has achieved first place rankings in all courses, Music, Visual Arts, Ancient History, Mathematics, English Advanced, English Extension 1 and English Extension 2. She is dedicated to her learning and her exemplary results exemplify her success thus far in the Higher School Certificate.

Congratulations Georgia Hamilton

The P&C award for Academic Excellence – goes to a student who has also ranked first in many subjects. She has demonstrated exceptional diligence and conscientiousness throughout her senior years. She is a passionate student advocating for other and the environment. This student has also been awarded

The Reuben F Scarf Award for Commitment – recognises that young people who are persistent and dedicated are those who ultimately reach their goals. This honours students who are consistent in their desire to improve.

 Congratulations Krystal Greenwood on receiving these two special awards.

The P&C Quiet Achiever Award acknowledges those students who are tireless in their efforts and whom achieve academic results which deserve recognition. This year’s recipient is a very highly regarded student amongst teachers and students. She has a positive and conscientious approach to his HSC studies.

Congratulations Britney Bosschieter

Year 12 Consistent Effort Award. This is awarded to a student for commitment and application to their studies. This student has maintained her commitment to excellence all year and strives to excel in every lesson.

Congratulations Mariah McCleery

The recipient of the CWA Community Service Award is an active member of the school and local community and has participated in a variety of charity events. These include fundraising and raising awareness for WASCALS, Relay for Life, Daffodil Day, Biggest Morning Tea, Crop Chop and Cure, Blue Day, Jeans for Jeans Day, and other local charity events to support the people of the Port Macquarie/ Hastings Region. The recipient also has a fantastic community spirit and demonstrates exemplary commitment to school and the local community.

This year we have 2 recipients receiving this award.

Congratulations Rachael Macleod and Joel McManus

The Mid Coast Connect Award for VET work placement students is awarded to a student who has completed 2 VET courses demonstrating outstanding effort and amazing ability in both areas. This student received outstanding feedback from all her employers in the 4 weeks of work placement undertaken in Years 11 & 12. This student has also gained first place in both Metal & Engineering and Construction.

Congratulations Tori McCombe

The Lower North Coast Careers Advisors Association Dave Lister Memorial Award is presented to a student with the characteristics displayed by past Westport teacher, Dave Lister. For integrity, resourcefulness and commitment.

Congratulations Jessica Pickering

The Australian Defence Force provides the Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award for students who demonstrate the qualities of leadership and teamwork. This student has been a Peer Support leader, member of the leadership team and a strong advocate for the environment and aboriginal education. She demonstrates exemplary leadership here at Westport Campus and is a well deserving recipient of the Long Tan Leadership Award.

This Student has also been awarded the Excellence in Aboriginal Education Award for her consistent participation in community and school activities that enhance our understanding of Aboriginal culture.​

Congratulations Caitlin Axelby on receiving these two special awards.

The Caltex All-rounder award – is one of Australia’s most prestigious secondary education recognition programs. It acknowledges a student’s all-round contributions to their schools and communities. This year’s recipient has excelled in a number of categories, including

Academic, Attitude, Personal conduct, Leadership, Service and Sport.

Congratulations Jennifer Cooper

The Anne Tosio Memorial Award for the Performing Arts affectionately known as the “darling award” is donated by the support unit in memory of Mrs Ann Tosio who was a big supporter of the Creative Arts.  This year’s recipient is being recognised for her talent, effort and contributions in the area of Music.

Congratulations to Georgia Hamilton

The English, language and CAPA award This award is presented to a group of students who demonstrate true school spirit. They are always willing to share their time, their talents and their experience far beyond the classroom. They have represented the school and college for many years and have always provided exemplary role model behaviour. They are a giving, caring and supportive group. This award is sponsored by the English/CAPA/ Languages faculty and is presented to the Year 12 Music Ensemble for their outstanding contribution to school culture.

Congratulations Year 12 Ensemble: Drue Abbott, Braden Clarke, Georgia Hamilton, Tegan McCauley, Mason Misckl and Curtis Waghorn.

Proudly presenting Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus’ Graduating Class of 2019.