Year 12 Graduation

Today we came together to celebrate Year 12 Class of 2019 in what was their final assembly at Hastings Secondary College, Port Macquarie Campus.

Mr Duck warmly welcomed all of our special guests, parents, staff and students and spoke in lieu of Ms Cook. He also respectfully acknowledged the significant role that Ms Lorraine Haddon played in overseeing the school throughout a large number of years that the current year 12 cohort have been at the school - she would be extremely proud of the young men and women into which each of you has developed.

He acknowledged the significant role that all of the parents and parent figures have played in supporting our Year 12 young men and women. He thanked parents for working alongside the school in supporting the journey of their children.

Students… appreciate the sacrifices that these elders have made for you, we wish you all the best in the years ahead and we look forward to future conversations updating us on your post school journeys.

Our 2019 school captains were acknowledged for the tireless efforts and exemplary leadership for 2019. Thank you Vice Captain Tayla Dures, Vice Captain Zac Terley, School Captain Tina Nguyen, and School Captain Lewis Kranitis.

Special Awards

Principal Award - This young man who has shown excellence in his application across many areas of the school. This young man has achieved tenth place in Advanced English, second place in Physics and Mathematics Extension 1 and first place in Chemistry, Engineering Studies and Mathematics Extension 2. In addition to these achievements, he is a young man of extremely high integrity who has never hesitated in assisting staff or students in whatever way he has been able. I congratulate this year’s most deserving recipient of the Principal’s All Rounder Award, Ruairidh GRANGER.

The Hastings Council Community Leadership Award, is presented to Hunter Brent. This award is presented to Hunter who not only actively participates in our community but shows leadership by encouraging others to do likewise.

Long Tan Award which goes to Lewis Kranitis. The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards started in 2006 to recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader local community. At the same time, they recognise those who display strong values, such as doing one’s best, respect for others and “mateship”, characteristics that are integral to Australian society. The awards are an important initiative by the Australian Government in conjunction with the Australian Defence Force designed to encourage senior students – tomorrow’s leaders – to actively participate in the life of their schools and local communities. Congratulations Lewis.   

Rueben F Scarf Award goes to Abi Cornish. The Reuben F. Scarf Award for Commitment is offered to every school in New South Wales and held a special significance for Mr. Scarf, as he believed that "young people who are persistent and dedicated, are the ones who ultimately reach their goals. A little recognition and help can be the magic that builds the confidence necessary to start them on their way upwards.

Personal Best - Each year the campus rewards a student who has strived to achieve their personal best throughout their school journey, and this year The Learn to Live award goes to Jaslen JewellJaslen continually tries her hardest in all areas of learning as well as being a valued member of the Year 12 student group. 

The P&C Award for School Spirit this year goes to Faith Elliott. The School Spirit Award is awarded to Faith for her positive attitude towards all the opportunities school has had to offer. Faith has participated in events, fundraisers and teams, and she has the attitude, spirit and makes the effort to inspire others to be the best they can be.

Shakira Snowdon Award - Shakira Snowdon is a former student and school Captain and has kindly donated the following prize, which is awarded to Jack Agland. The Shakira Snowdon Endurance Award recognises a student who exceeds expectations in effort, academic achievement and personal best.

Clontarf Award goes to Mason Holton.  The Clontarf Academy has been an integral part of our school over the past few years, helping the Academy students develop in to school and community leaders. Mason has shown ongoing dedication and commitment to the Academy and their initiatives.

Most Outstanding Aboriginal Student goes to Katelyn Minett. Katelyn has continually strived to achieve her personal best throughout her high school journey. Her dedication to her studies has seen positive results in all her school-based results.

Midcoast Connect has been an ongoing source of support for students at our school, providing assistance with work placements, traineeships and apprenticeships. Our community partnership with them has led to many school leavers gaining employment and current students gaining experience and skills in workplaces across the Hastings area.

Award for Excellence in Retail goes to Annika Brunner.

Excellence in Hospitality and Kitchen Operations goes to Shelby Grainger.

Excellence in Construction goes to Brent Nixon.

Excellence in Metals and Engineering - Ebony Romans

Vocational & Educational Training - Katelyn Minett. As part of her HSC studies Katelyn has successfully completed a School Based Traineeship in Certificate III in Health Services Assistance as an Assistant in Nursing with Port Macquarie Base Hospital. Katelyn has undertaken over 800 hours paid employment at Port Macquarie Base

Hospital applying her knowledge and skills into practice very effectively to a high standard and always with a positive attitude and friendly smile.

Katelyn has displayed outstanding commitment, determination, enthusiasm, initiative, reliability and work ethic whilst undertaking all training and work placement requirements. Katelyn is an excellent role model as a VET student who has displayed ambition and motivation to succeed at school and in her future career as a nurse or midwife.

Dr Roger Gammon memorial Prize for Excellence in Science - Matthew Covetz.

CWA award for Community Service - Some of the goals of the CWA are to provide a forum for the voice of all women in New South Wales and to promote international goodwill, friendship, understanding and tolerance between all people.

This year, the CWA award for Community Service goes to Jessica Brown. Jessica has been a role model for younger female students in our school and is a valued and respected member of the Year 12 class.

Sports Awards -

Good sportsmanship encompasses many aspects of a person's character, the most fundamental being respect. A good sportsman and sportswoman respects both their teammates and their opponents as equals. The athlete plays with integrity, with heart, with maturity and thrives to achieve their best at all times. In short, the qualities that go in to making a great person are the same ones that contribute to being a great sportsman and sportswoman.

We would first like to recognize the sporting achievements from the Year 12 cohort. These are;

  • Sebastian Pankiewicz - Seb is a talented rugby league player who has made the North Coast team this year and was selected in the combined Hunter team to compete at the State Titles.
  • Jack Agland - Jack is a great swimmer who has won medals in swimming at CHS in the AWD divisions and qualified in Open events. He also represented the school at State level for the last three years at table tennis. He is also a talented futsal and soccer player who has played for the school team for all 6 years of his secondary schooling. 
  • Ben Harris - Ben represented the North Coast in Hockey last year, where the team won the State competition. Ben also played for the school futsal and soccer teams for many of his secondary schooling years.
  • Ethan Montgomery - Ethan has been a developing volleyball player who was selected in the North Coast team this year.
  • Christopher Hilder - Chris represented the North Coast in volleyball at the CHS Championships this year.
  • Lauren Beasley - Lauren is an outstanding basketball player who has represented the North Coast for 3 consecutive years from 2016 to 2019.
  • Skye Vaughan - Skye is a versatile athlete who has represented the school in hockey as a player and a referee. She has also qualified for State in gymnastics on a number of occasions as well as in Athletics.

The Australian Olympic Change Maker Award, formally the Pierre Du Coubertin Award, goes to Shelby Grainger. The Australian Olympic Change-Maker program recognises and rewards students who are demonstrating the Olympic spirit through leadership and driving positive change in their communities. This can take on many forms – from minor to major, and from the ordinary to the amazing. Whether leading teams, coaching juniors, supporting seniors, making a difference at a sports club, a national cause or effecting change on the world stage.

Year 12 Outstanding Sportsman for 2019 is Brent Nixon. Brent has excelled at numerous sports throughout his schooling years. He has represented the school in basketball and touch for many years. He is an amazing Touch football player, where he has had a meteoric rise this year, where he played for the North Coast team at the CHS titles, there he was selected in the State team to compete at the Nationals. That state team then went to defeat Queensland in the finals where Brent played a major role. He is in the Under 19s Touch Australians squad where he may play internationals. Brent is a humble young man who also helped coach, referee and select the Junior Touch teams this year.

Our Year 12 Outstanding Sportswoman for 2019 is Shelby Grainger. Shelby is a talented all-rounder who has excelled and demonstrated great sportsmanship throughout a variety of sports. She has made the Lower North Coast Netball teams this year and last year, and was a shadow for the North Coast touch team. Shelby competed at the State Basketball Championships this year and also coached and referred the junior Touch and basketball teams over the last few years.

We are honoured to recognise the achievements of students who have excelled in the creative or performing arts.

The first award is in recognition of the support and commitment this student has given to the performing arts through his participation in the campus and college bands, as well as playing piano in support of HSC student performances… and goes to Matthew Covetz.

Excellence in Creative or Performing Arts, and goes to Eva Wells. Eva is an exceptionally talented dance student and has performed and composed performances that have been a highlight of our CAPA Showcases. This year her performance piece was selected as one of the top in the State and received a nomination for “Call Back”, the showcase for exceptional submissions in HSC Dance. Congratulations Eva.

Caltex All-Rounder Award. The recipient of this award is Tahli Enfield. The Caltex All Rounder Award recognises students who achieve scholastically across a range of subjects, are willing to help others; makes selfless contributions, always displays exemplary behaviour, is a role model for other students and participates in school and community activities

Our Student Representative Council has worked tirelessly to support causes within our school and wider community, and we recognise and thank them for their efforts. Zac Terley, Tina Nguyen, Hunter Brent, Lewis Kranitis and Tayla Dures.

First in Subjects

  • For First in Certificate I in Engineering, Brent Nixon.
  • First in PDHPE goes to Eva Wells.
  • First in Extension History and Advanced Mathematics goes to Hamish McKie.
  • First in Mathematics Standard 2 goes to Jake Stuckey
  • First in English Standard goes to James Lee
  • First in Biology and Music goes to Jamie Henry
  • First in Certificate 2, Kitchen Operations goes to Jasmin Urbina
  • First in Certificate 2, Construction Pathways goes to Jayden Hughes
  • First in Food Technology goes to Kyah Griffin
  • First in Multi Media and Certificate 2 in Retail Services goes to Leah Collinson
  • First in Ancient History, Physics, Advanced English and Extension 1 Mathematics goes to Matthew Covetz
  • First in Visual Arts, English Extension 1 and English Extension 2 goes to Phoebe MacLachlan
  • First in Chemistry and Extension 2 Mathematics goes to Ruairidh Granger. Ruairidh also received a High Distinction in the Australian National Chemistry Quiz.
  • First in Sports, Lifestyle & Recreation Studies, English Studies and Mathematics Standard 1 goes to Shelby Grainger
  • First in Geography, Modern History, Business Studies and Legal Studies goes to Tahli Enfield
  • First in Community and Family Studies goes to Tazmyn Gain.