Westport Campus Yr 12 Formal


What a beautiful evening!  

You can view and download images from the evening for free, simply follow the link below and enter your email address.

Kristen Shaw Photography
The Download PIN is 2381

Today closes the door on one small chapter in your life and heralds the start of something new, opening the door to 2021 where more possibilities will be available to you and a chance to explore and challenge yourselves in new ways.

This is an extraordinary group of individuals who have many skills and talents and have demonstrated impressive qualities, including taking on responsibilities for both their educational and social development. Among them, we will have academics, artists, architects, builders, plumbers, public speakers, musicians, chefs, environmentalists, scientists, politicians, athletes …the list goes on.

Our words of advice to Year 12 2020: No matter where you go or what you do, there are always challenges ahead. What I'm asking from each of you is to meet those challenges straight on with your head held high and your heart wide open. It's not enough to simply try to get by in life. That doesn't move the world forward. You must try to excel in everything you do; strive for excellence in every task, large or small. 

Year 12, as you enter the next stage of your journey and tap into your passion and the many opportunities available to you, we will excitedly follow your journey with interest. 

Enjoy this, as it is a celebration of personal achievement for each of you, as well as family, friends and the staff that helped make the journey this year possible. You should each feel proud and happy to have completed your HSC year at Hastings Secondary College.

Good luck with your journey and PLEASE keep in touch.