World Teachers day

Every day, Hastings Secondary College Teachers make a positive difference – creating opportunities for their students, empowering minds of young people and proudly teaching our state’s future leaders innovators and influencers.

World Teachers’ Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and thank teachers for the vital role they place inside our classrooms and out in the community.

This year’s recipients from Hastings Secondary College are:

Hastings Secondary College’s Robotic Team (Paul King, Stephen Barnett, Todd Harrison, Andrew Dunn and Heidi Speers)

Hastings Secondary College community is exceptionally proud of our Robotics Team staff consisting of Paul King, Steven Barnett, Andrew Dunn, Todd Harrison and Heidi Speers who have continued to deliver a specialist program to our students. These innovative and passionate teachers have guided and supported our students on a fantastic journey of opportunity that has led to the students competing and succeeding at a regional, national and international level.

The program encourages students to work collaboratively, to problem solve and advance their skills in technology. The robotics program has resulted in closer industrial links with the community and developing a unique set of skills that will be highly sought after by future employers when they leave school. 

Laoise De Bhaldraithe

Laoise is an exemplary teacher who goes about her work in a professional, dedicated and selfless manner. Laoise works predominantly within Supported Learning Faculty, working with students with a broad range of academic, social, emotional and behavioural support needs.

She has a natural ability to assist students in reaching their potential and is more than prepared to put in the extra effort required to ensure that her students are provided with highly engaging, relevant and individualised learning experiences. Laoise has the ability to make teaching look easy. She can take our most challenging; most vulnerable; most complex students and provide them with the nurturing environment in which to flourish.

When you visit her class-room, you will be greeted by students who are actively engaged; participating in quality learning experiences; showing one another respect and dignity.

She is a dedicated advocate for the students with whom she works and is highly respected by all students and staff. Through hard work and dedication, Laoise develops high-quality relationships with parents and carers. Laoise has a true love of teaching and is a highly valued member of our school and college community.

Port Macquarie Campus Leadership Team (Leon Ruhl, Stewart Heddles and Joanne Southon)

This Team of teachers go out of their way to support the leadership development of our students across years 7 - 12. They instil in our students poise, perseverance and positive attitude. Over time, this team has developed and implemented a structured student representative council that work diligently on improving all aspects of school life from fundraising activities, renovating existing structures within the school to make our environment better and ultimately to develop students self-esteem and confidence.

Jennifer Smith

Jenni Smith is a highly accomplished teacher. She continually demonstrates skilled classroom practice and works collaboratively with her peers to improve their practice.

Jenni has been a Year Advisor to our currently Year 9 cohort since they began their schooling in Year 7. During this time, she has developed very strong relationships with these students and can openly say that every child is known, valued and cared for under her guidance. Jenni knows the unique background of all of her students and works tirelessly to adjust her teaching to meet individual needs.

In short, Jenni is an outstanding teacher. She knows her students and how they learn. She has exceptional content knowledge of Mathematics. She maintains supportive and safe learning environments for her students and engages with the whole community. That is students, her colleagues, parents and the wider community.

Louise Newbound

Louise is an extraordinary organiser and demonstrates an outstanding commitment to our school. She organises variations of routine, casual employment, cross-campus examinations as well as teaches HSIE and is a Year Advisor to Year 9.

Louise has developed very strong relationships with her students and demonstrates great passion in her teaching of Business Studies. She is an outstanding teacher in every way.