Westport Idol is an annual event held at Westport Campus which is an inclusive talent quest open to all campus students and viewed by the whole school.

Westport Idol 2019 once again amazed viewers with unique, brilliant, funny and mind-blowing acts from all walks of life. Students showcased their talents in front of a selected judging panel.

Judges included teachers Linda Best, Dale hastings and Sarah Rosswell and student judges Eli Watson, Jackson Line, Lilly Maclean-Prosser (Port Macquarie Campus judge).

Special VIP Will Beard awarded snacks and comfy seating for himself and four friends; Joshua Schoefield, Tyson Cunningham, Travis Chandley-Pascoe and Kyle Chapman.

Alec Simpson was the winner of Westport Idol with a close second Year 12 ‘Clarkey and the Possums’, and third place went to Tegan McCauley.

The Judges Entertainers Award was provided to the Year 11 pirate drama piece, and the judges choice was award to Cooper Herdon.

Congratulations to all entrants and the awarded Acts. Special thanks to our teaching staff for a fantastic event without your organisation these events would not take place.