Zone Athletics Westport Campus

On Friday 14th of June, our qualifying Westport students travelled to Scotts Head to compete in the Lower North Coast Athletics Carnival. Successful competitors would earn a place at the North Coast Athletics Carnival being held in Coffs Harbour on the 8th of August. Our students did a fantastic job with many qualifying through to the Coffs Harbour event.

Westport Zone Team: Summer Cambourne, Oliver Keys, Kimberly Beyer, Blake Cordell, Asher Rootes, Kaiya O’Brien, Douglas Toomey, Ben Brodgen, Xavier Redding, Vincent Inglis, Chelsie Reams, William Ormsley, William Beard, Kaal White, Brindley White, Charlie Law, Georgia Teeling, Isabelle Elder, Jarrod Davey, Lauren Jean, Morgan Jean, Kaitlin Jean, Tom Barker, Bailey Wilson, Montanna Simpson, Tiffany Carstairs, Bailey Carfi, Nikayla Wilkinson, Amba Korvemaa, Cameron Halmi, Jack Stevenson, Erin Curry, Ben Webster, Pheobie Brown, Flynn Hull, Jennifer Whyman, Blair Kemsley, Tiarni Zerafa.

The following students qualified for the North Coast Athletics Carnival - Coffs Harbour:

Charlee Law: 100m, 200m

Tiarni Zerafa: 100m, 200m, Shot Put

Kaiya O’Brien: 800m

Amba Korvemaa: 800m, 1500m

Georgia Teeling: 800m, 1500m

Tiffany Carstairs: 90m Hurdles

Isabelle Elder: High Jump

Pheobie Brown: Shot Put, Discus

Jennifer Whyman: Shot Put, Javelin

Brindley White: Shot Put

Girls 14 Years Relay team

Kaal White: 100m, 200m, 800m, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin

Tom Barker: 100m, 200m

Morgan Jean: 100m, 200m

Ben Webster: 800m

Bailey Carfi: High Jump

Morgan Jean: Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin

Will Beard: Triple Jump

Flynn Hull: Shot put

Boys 13 Years Relay Team

Boys 14 Years Relay Team

It was a spectacular effort by all competitors and we wish the North Coast team the best of luck in Coffs Harbour in August.