Swimming Carnival

What a terrific carnival!

The Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus Swimming Carnival was held today at Port Macquarie Pool. A beautiful sunny day greeted us as we arrived at the pool.

The weather held out for most of the day with a few sprinkles which cooled down the day and all students competed and joined in the fun.

There were some outstanding performances including campus records broken by Will, Iesha and Morgan, but most of all it was amazing to witness the incredible sportsmanship and spectacular behaviour from the Hastings Secondary College Westport Students.

The Year 12 student verse teacher relay was a highlight of the day with the students pipping the teachers at the post. Mr Jacobs gets the outstanding award for his creativity and use of flippers in the race.


Mr Jacobs

The top performers in each event will go on to compete for the campus at the Zone Swimming Carnival.

The results of the day:

House Champion - Bukari

Runner-up - Kula


Female and Male Age Champions

12s - Brin Fullerton, Aaron Cook

13s - Kaitlin Jean, Douglas Toomey

14s - Karlie Hurst, Harrison Popplewell

15s - Iesha Apthorpe, Zachary Morgan

16s - Chloe Templeman, William Crowley

17s + - Jennifer Cooper, Joel McManus

MC (Multi Class) - Morgan Jean, Tempany Murray


New School Records


Name Event New Record
William Crowley 100m Freestyle 1:01.72   (1986 record)
William Crowley 50m Butterfly 32.60
William Crowley 50m Backstroke 30.67    (2007 record) 
William Crowley 200m IM 2:42.13
Iesha Apthorpe 50m Butterfly 31.53
Iesha Apthorpe 50m Freestyle 29.00  (2007 record)
Iesha Apthorpe 50m Backstroke 35.09  (1986 record)
Iesha Apthorpe 200m IM 2:54.58
Morgan Jean  50m Freestyle MC 28.97
Morgan Jean  50m Butterfly MC 33.54
Morgan Jean  50m Breaststroke MC 42.3
Morgan Jean  50m Backstroke MC 41.44
Ethan Apthorpe 200m IM 3:49.51
Tempany Murray 50m Freestyle MC 56.62

Check out the photograph highlights of the day.