Westport Campus Athletics Carnival 2019

The Westport Campus Athletics Carnival will take place on Thursday the 6th of June at Findlay Park.

Students are to come to school as normal, dressed in their house colours. At 8:15am, students are to attend their connect classrooms for roll marking, then proceed to the back oval (Findlay Park).

Students will remain at Findlay Park for the day, to be dismissed from the park at 2.15pm.

There will be a BBQ selling sausage and steak sandwiches and a range of drinks. Students will be able to use the toilet block located on Findlay Park throughout the day.

There will be a variety of novelty activities for students to compete in on top of the usual athletic events. Students who compete in events will receive a raffle ticket for a prize draw that will occur at the next School Assembly. There is also a best dressed mascot competition.

If you have any queries, please contact Ben Johnston at the school on 6583 6400.

Please note: 1500m run
The 1500m will take place on Wednesday 5th June at Lunch 2 on the back oval. You must register for this event (PE staffroom window).