Girls diving

On Wednesday, Westport Campus held their annual Swimming Carnival. It was a fantastic day for students and staff. The weather Gods were on our side with the rain not coming down until we had finished our last race!

The day started with the 100m Freestyle followed by the highly anticipated Senior Gold Coin Scramble and as the event states, it is a mad scramble for treasure at the bottom of the pool. There were plenty of other novelty events held throughout the day such as the Water Polo Ball relay, T-Shirt relay, Monster relay and a Belly Flop competition which resulted in quite a few red bellies!

All the students came to the edge of the pool to cheer on the staff verses Year 12 50m Freestyle relay. The staff were victorious on this occasion, well at least I think so as there may have been a staff member who might have used fins!

Once again, we ran the 50 Freestyle invitational event where we invite two swimmers to take on four staff members. Iesha Apthorpe and Morgan Jean were our two student swimmers. They won easily even when the staff had a five second head start!

We had some fantastic results from our students. Eight school records were broken with the standout being Iesha Apthorpe who broke 5 records, three of them from the 1980’s! Morgan Jean, Ethan Rowe and Douglas Toomey also broke a school record. Well done!

Iesha Apthorpe - 16 Years            
100m Freestyle         1.03.76    1983 record

50m Butterfly               30.38
50m Freestyle              29.01    1983 record
50m Backstroke           35.68    1987 record
15-16yrs 200m IM     2.54.01                 

Ethan Rowe – 14 Years                 
50m Butterfly               38.58

Morgan Jean – 17 Years                
50m Butterfly               30.30    1999 record

Douglas Toomey                             
14yrs & U 200m IM  3.30.52

Swimming Carnival House Champion:
1st Kula
2nd Bukari
3rd Weira
4th Talwong

Age Champions

                                                                       Girls                                          Boys

12 Years Age Champion:               Tyneisha Mueller

13 Year Age Champions:               Chloe Day                           Benji Mathews

14 Year Age Champions:               Kaitlin Jean                         Ethan Rowe

15 Year Age Champions:               Karlie Hurst                        Andy Campfield

16 Year Age Champions:               Iesha Apthorpe                 William Delaforce

17 Year + Age Champions:            Danielle Aylett                  Morgan Jean

MC Age Champion:                                                                            Alexander Thompson