We had a chat to Ruby our new recruit in our therapy dog program and she tells us all about her new role.

Ruby when do you start your new role?

My handler Mrs Bone will bring me to school, which I love by the way, every Wednesday. I will be around the music staff room before school, Lunch 1 and Lunch 2 so come on up and say hi.

What are the qualities of a therapy dog?

Therapy dogs are extremely patient and loving and provide great companionship. Medical science shows that interaction with a therapy dog can reduce blood pressure; promote physical healing; reduce anxiety, fatigue and depression; and provide emotional support.

So what do you do?

Sometimes I just sit of lie quietly while being petted. I have a non-judgmental ear if you want to read to me or if  you just want to hang out that is cool too.

Come and say hi on Wednesday. I love that the kids love coming to school, I also love wandering around under the tables and chatting to everyone. I have so much love to give and everyone is special.

Oh and one last thing if you have any allergies or you have a genuine fear of dogs (I am pretty cute and placid) let the school know.