It was good to see quite a few PC classes participate in Unlock the Box last Term. Here is the list of the PC classes that answered the question correct each week. The highlighted name is the class that was drawn out for the weekly prize.

In the last week of Term 3 an extra individual problem was added and students had the opportunity to win an individual key. The names for this were placed in a hat and Magenta Elmes in Miss Vaughan’s PC class was the lucky correct entry.

We then had the ‘Unlocking of the Box’ during PC on the last day of Term ensuring we followed Covid restrictions. Each winning PC class sent a representative along and it was run via Zoom. Each representative was given a number and the dice was rolled to determine the order of the attempts to Unlock the Box. It was about the fifth key that was the successful key and this key was held by our individual winner Magenta. Luckily for Magenta’s PC class she was most generous and shared her prize winnings with her whole class. Congratulations Magenta.

Unlock the Box will continue this Term. If your PC class has not been getting involved now is the time to start, you to could be lucky!!!