Techno task

Year 8 students’ showcased their Techno Tasks, which explore the question “Is everything better now than it used to be?”

This is based on a task from Flinders University – The Australian Science and Mathematics School.

Students have chosen science investigations based on their interests and abilities. Students choose an item or processes used today and track the improvements or changes in technology over time. They then explained their work and answered questions from, Year 7 and 8 peers and teachers, who then selected their favourite three tasks and voted for them. We are proud of every task and each student’s dedication.

This task is part of our integrated STEM education at the College; it helps students build self-confidence and realise that Science study in the future is a rewarding and challenging option.

The Techno Task requires students to address the areas of the:

  • Science behind the technology chosen
  • Social impact of this technological change
  • Change in this technology over time (history), shown using a timeline

The Techno Task also develops and recognises each student’s future-focused skills, also known as “soft skills” or Emotional Intelligence as well as their academic learnings.

The marking criteria include:

  • Interpersonal skills: the ability to communicate ideas
  • Communication: quality/effectiveness of the display
  • Creative thinking: originality and individuality
  • Problem-solving: innovation of the display
  • Team work: individual contribution to group work
  • Collaboration: the ability to work cooperatively as a team member

Our students showed pride in their work and presented with such enthusiasm.

Congratulations to all of Year 8, your Techno Museum displays were interactive and very well presented. You are all winners.