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"Students and staff from the Supported Learning Faculty teamed up with the Friends of Kooloonbung on Monday morning on a tree-planting exercise in the northeast corner of Kooloonbung Creek.

An area adjacent to a popular walking track had already been prepared for planting with mulching and weeding. Lying ready to be put into the ground were dozens of tubestock supplied by the Landcare Nursery. 

Species selected for this area included tallowwood, brush box, red ash, fringed wattle and native frangipani, as well as smaller species such as palm lilies and lomandras, and were chosen for their relevance to local populations of koalas, parrots and honeyeaters.

The wonderful volunteers from the Friends of Kooloonbung expertly demonstrated how to prepare the holes. They explained how to effectively use slow-release water crystals, supervised the planting, and then allowed the students to assist in the construction of fencing surrounding the site. The fencing was erected to deter not only foot traffic, but also the hungry mouths of wild deer!

Mother Nature delivered sunshine and fresh air that added extra magic to the day. Donning masks to protect from fungal spores living in mulch as well as pesky strains of respiratory viruses, our students revelled in the opportunity to learn about our native environment and getting their hands dirty. 

As is always the case when out in the bush, something special presents itself, and we were extremely fortunate to see a male satin bowerbird and his immaculate bower, generously adorned with blue items collected from his neighbourhood.

The relationship that the Supported Learning faculty is building with the Friends of Kooloonbung is yielding wonderful results, and continues to be a fantastic way to get our amazing students out into the community, learning and sharing their special talents.

Our thanks go to Rex and Jan Moir, and all of the Friends of Kooloonbung for allowing us to work alongside them in such a positive environment."

 - Simon Hersee