Students were surprised with how much rubbish had accumulated in the campus grounds. The message was clear, rather than just picking up rubbish for one day, pick it up every time - put it in the bin and don't be a tosser.

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) took it upon themselves to plan for a day to clean up Port Macquarie Campus grounds as part of the annual campus Environment Day, raising $578  for local Fauna Groups.

The Campus has an environmental management plan. It is part of the annual school plan and is used as a tool for planning, programming, implementing and assessing.

The plan is reviewed annually with the view of integrating environmental education across the curriculum using examples of teaching and learning strategies and partnering with organisations to support environmental education.

The plan also covers the management of the school grounds. An annual audit takes place which identifies strategies for: managing the school grounds, ideas on how to link school ground projects to curriculum along with the partnership with community, parent and citizen’s groups for ground projects.

Congratulations and a big thank you to the whole school for their efforts. A special thank you to Mr Heddles, Mrs Southon and the entire Student Representative Council and student body who planned and coordinated the event.