Police Liaison Visit

Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus Years 9 and 10 students participated in drug awareness workshops as preventative approaches that are being rolled out by the police to combat the issue.

These workshops are all about educating students on the dangers of taking drugs, but also explaining the consequences legally, socially and emotionally.

Constable Steven Jeffery Police Liaison Officer said "Young people take risks, but the consequences can, and are, much higher when drugs or alcohol are involved.

Young people and drugs are not something we can sweep under the carpet, and so we are taking a very deliberate step by coming out and talking to them directly".

Students found the sessions eye-opening and were interested to learn about how addiction can change a person and the long term consequences of drugs.

Simulation exercises using distortion googles demonstrated the distorting of your vision when using alcohol. The participants stumbled and loss coordination. The goggles impair the participant’s ability to perceive colour accurately also. This lack of perception means the participant does not have all the necessary information to do everyday activities.

The students commented on how the googles diminished their capacity to make quick, accurate decisions, and caused them to loose coordination which puts their safety at risk.

These programs are part of the PDHPE curriculum delivered to students throughout the year.

Since October 2018, more than 1800 students across the Mid North Coast have participated in a drug awareness workshop delivered by local police.