Tambour box

This Term Industrial Arts (Timber) students worked individually to produce a tambour box from 15mm and 6mm thick timber. Students also worked collaboratively with their peers to negotiate the use of resources such as the router.

As part of the assessment brief, the tambour box must operate smoothly with no apparent gaps or defects in the design. The tambour box rolling tops are an attractive storage piece for around the house and provide some unique woodworking challenges for students. The tambour slides in a curving track in the sides of the box, and its bottom edge is directly attached to the back of the drawer.

In this unit of work, students develop skills in using a variety of basic hand tools and machinery in the production of a small box with a tambour top. Students learn about the properties of timber and how they impact design choices in the development of a project, as well as the interpretation of plans and specifications and the modification of existing plans to meet needs.