Bullying day

Hastings Secondary College takes the issue of bullying seriously. On Friday 4 September, Westport Campus took an active role in ensuring the campus community are educated in the message of Bullying is NOT ok.

Westport Campus provides a safe, supportive, respectful and positive learning environment and encourages students to speak up on bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence, so student wellbeing and academic outcomes are maximised.

Bullying can have a lasting impact on everyone involved, including those who witness it, so it is important to work together to create safe communities for everyone.

Preventing bullying involves everyone talking together openly and respectfully.

Children and young people need to know that they are being heard, that their feelings matter​ and that their issue will be investigated respectfully. Bullying should be taken seriously. Find out more how parents can respond by visiting the website;  Office of e-safety.

On Friday the campus community came together to hear the message that Bullying is NOT ok under any circumstance. The day was a great way to bring everyone together and practice strategies for addressing bullying. The day commenced with an online virtual assembly which has been our "new" normal since COVID.

The campus used the day to dress in bright colours to lift the mood and as a theme as a visual reminder of the Bullying No Way message. Students and staff enjoyed netball, golf chipping, rubber chicken throwing, table tennis, unicycling, inclusive artwork on anti-bullying, corn hole, milkshakes and of course no day is complete without a sausage sandwich.

Mr Pirie's speech to the campus reminded students that we do have a great campus community here at Hasting Secondary College Westport Campus. It is very important to us that every student in known, valued and cared for. The day included a lot of fun activities to raise the campus spirit after a challenging time with COVID which still isn't over. We may not be able to completely stop Bullying in the world but it is not something that we are going to tolerate in our campus.

The take home message; Anti Bullying Day is every day. Thank you to our teachers who coordinated the day, Doug Pirie and Lerren Apthorpe and to all our teaching staff who enthusiastically participated in the day. ​