Year 11 student Will Garratt is undertaking a School Based Traineeship (SBAT) as part of his senior curriculum. Will is working at Reece Plumbing, Port Macquarie with his SBAT program. This program entails Will completing his school subjects four days a week while undertaking paid employment and training at Reece on Thursdays and Saturday mornings. At the end of this program when Will completes Year 12 he will gain his HSC as well as qualifying for a Certificate II in Warehousing Operations with Reece Plumbing.

Will has chosen this pathway as it provides him the flexibility of combining a HSC education with on the job training and employment. He is enjoying learning new workplace skills on the job with Reece as well as interacting with customers and work colleagues.

Congratulations to Will for his competent work in this program so far and thank you to Reece Plumbing for being a supportive local employer.

By combining training and paid employment in Years 11 and 12 School Based trainees gain three qualifications including a nationally recognised vocational qualification, Certificate of Proficiency on satisfactory completion of the traineeship and credit towards the HSC, including 2 units possibly counting towards their ATAR.