College students who are interested in the Borneo Trek 2020 are invited to a sign-up session on Thursday 23 May. Details are as follows:

Date: Thursday 23 May 2019

Time: 10.30 am Westport Campus (Lunch 1) 12.30 pm Port Macquarie Campus (Lunch 2)

Location: Campus Libraries

More information: Please contact Mr Colin Rogers (Port Macquarie Campus) or Mr Duncan Kirkland


For students to find out more about the Borneo Trek 2020, register their interest and find out more about fundraising for the trip. If you haven't already done so please register online via the below link.

All students are encouraged to come along to the session at their campus, even if they are not 100% sure. All registered students will be given priority.

The $595 deposit (instructions on the application portal below) is also due by Thursday, however we can be flexible if families are struggling to meet this turnaround time – as long as they have registered online.

The link to sign up is: Expedition ID: 5968