State Drama Festival

We congratulate Sasha Davies on her performance at the 2018 NSW Public Schools State Drama Festival. The Festival showcased more than 800 students from over 100 public schools in New South Wales.

Budding drama students at Westport Campus travelled to Sydney to be part of the audience to support and cheer-on Sasha for her debut performance.

The Art Unit's drama program provides thousands of students from over 200 schools with ways to inspire their creative potential and with further pathways to excellence through participation in specialised workshops, camps, and ensembles. Students value the inclusivity, friendship and specialised learning promoted in these programs, and they apply skills developed in drama in their wider learning.

Drama encourages students to ask 'what if' and then explore the myriad of ways things might happen. Drama is a practical way in which to experiment with choice and offer a perspective beyond our own experience. The arts is more than an outlet. They are the underpinning of creative and critical thinking that we want in our scientists, our mathematicians, our leaders as well as our artists.

The work presented in this year's Festival showcase the immense talent of our college students and teachers.