Staff Development

Term 2 at Hastings Secondary College started with a full-day of staff development at Port Macquarie Campus.

The theme for the day was encapsulated by aligning staff learning with the Department of Education Wellbeing Framework. The five domains of the framework being Cognitive, Social, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional.

Staff recognise the strong links between student wellbeing and achievement and that staff wellbeing underpins the ability of our teachers to support student wellbeing.

The day provided teamwork activities and a chance to re-establish relationships with co-workers while using hands-on activities to unpack the five domains of the framework.

We thank community members Soul Sisters, Arthouse industries, Soul Surfing and Biripai AECG members for being part our day.

A shout out to Soul Sisters Grazing Platters for morning tea and Stay Grounded Mobile Coffee Cart which started the morning off perfectly.

Teachers and staff look forward to welcoming students tomorrow for the first day of Term 2.