Sista Speak

The Sista Speak Program has been recently introduced to Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus ever second Friday from 10.50 am to 12.50 pm.

Sista Speak is an Aboriginal girl’s well-being program designed to run in partnership with the local community. The program is designed to inspire and motivate young Aboriginal women about the importance of education and to raise awareness about the diverse career paths available to them.

The young women participate in a variety of activities aimed at; improving self-esteem, understanding career options, finance and ability to make positive choices.

The girls enjoy coming to Sista Speak and are proud to be associated with the group. It enables Aboriginal girls from different years to connect and form a support group within the school, and it allows them to build a rapport with various female teachers and local community members as mentors and role models.

During the program so far the girls have connected through food, shopping for and cooking a wonderful fried rice and beef stir fry from scratch. They  have had a health and careers talk from Helene Jones Aboriginal Workforce District Manager Port Macquarie Health Campus.

​Last week they visited CSU to learn about university and career options. The year will end with a cultural camp at Point Plomer with Auntie Rhonda.