This is a highly regarded assessment program. Every student entering the competition receives a certificate acknowledging participation. Achievement is recognised with High Distinction, Distinction and Credit certificates and prestigious UNSW Medals are awarded to the student/s who achieved the highest score in each year group. Medal winners in Year 11 and 12 are eligible for bonus ATAR points when they apply to undertake an undergraduate degree at the University of New South Wales.

This year the Science Competition will be held on Thursday 5 September, 2019. Cost is $14.50

Chemistry Quiz

This is conducted throughout Australia as well as many countries around the world. The aims of the Quiz are to promote and encourage awareness of the nature and relevance of chemistry amongst secondary school students. Questions will be based on the fundamental aspects of Chemistry as well as questions involving its application in modern society. Participation certificates will be awarded to all students who enter the quiz. Certificates of Merit (High Distinction, Distinction and Credit) will also be awarded. Awards of Excellence go to the top students in each level.

This year the Chemistry Quiz we will be doing the paper version, not the online quiz to avoid the technical issues that we had previously. It will be held on Tuesday 30 July, 2019. Cost is $5.50

The Science Faculty at Hastings Secondary College – Port Macquarie Campus encourages all students to participate in either or both of these competitions, especially those who are in the top Science classes, to develop skills with multiple choice questions. In addition, students who are studying Chemistry should take advantage of the opportunity to experience the variety of skill and knowledge questions that the Chemistry Quiz presents.

Any further questions may be directed to Mrs Nettie Riethmuller (Science Competition) or Ms Amanda Leach (Chemistry Quiz)

Please make your payment to the Front Office by Friday 31 May  2019 (end of Week 5, Term 2)