The community may be aware that a group called School Strike for Climate Action is hoping to have students walk out of schools on or around Friday, 15 March to protest about climate change.

NSW public schools are neutral places for rational discourse and objective study.

While we understand some school students may be passionate about this, and many other topics, all students enrolled at Hastings Secondary College are expected to attend classes whenever instruction is provided.

The College provides many avenues to empower student voice and encourage student participation in engaging programs developed with all forms of Government. 

Under our duty of care to students, parents are required to explain any absences, and any unexplained absences will be followed up as usual. Students are expected at school. Reasonable grounds for non-attendance do not include student attendance at protests during school hours.

For more information contact your campuses

Port Macquarie Campus Ph: 6583 1844

Westport Campus Ph: 6583 6400