After much deliberation it has been decided to change the way RockFest is organised this year. This is due to it being a truly National event now and the logistics of getting gear and flights from one State to another has just proven too much of an ask this year.  It has been decided to do it online. It is realised this is not the greatest outcome for everyone so with the help of sponsors prize pool has been increased to over $25K in prizes to sweeten the deal. 

CRAZY AMOUNT OF PRIZES (Listed Below).... so massive thanks to Cranbourne Music, Fender, Daddario, Yamaha, and Zildjian. 

So how does it work? Easy, you video 1 Song per Band (must be a live performance) and email it to  The video will be uploaded to youtube, so that all the students involved in RockFest will see you play as well as being able to share with family and school friends as well.  MUST STRESS THIS POINT: THIS IS NOT A VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPETITION you can use your iphone, ipad, camera - whatever you have available to you. The Music will be judged not your Video Production Skills.

Please don't upload the Video to YouTube, it will be done at RockFest HQ. You just need to send the file. DROPBOX is preferred. 

All bands are encouraged to still work on at least 3 songs and then pick their best one. The idea is to keep bands playing live music, but just doing it a little differently this year. 

So while everyone can not be in the same room this year everyone will enjoy seeing every band play from Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, Sydney and beyond. 

Let's all make the most of this and have fun with it, young Muso's are going to really love getting to see all the different bands play. 

  • Best Senior Band: Your School will win a PDP MAinstage Drum Kit, Fender Jimi Hendrix Signature Strat and a Fender Hot Rod Amp. Valued at $5000
    Band will Win $2000 (Total) to spend at Cranbourne Music.
  • Best Solo/Duo Artist: Your School will win a Fender Newporter Acoustic/Electric Guitar and a Fender Hotrod Amp. Valued at $2200
    Artists will Win $700 (Total) to spend at Cranbourne Music.
  • RockFest Futures Award: You will win a Fender Newporter Guitar and a Daddario Gift Pack as well as $500 to spend at Cranbourne Music.
  • Best Junior Band: Your School will win a Gretsch Drum Kit and a Fender Rumble Bass Amp.
  • Best Guitarist: You will win a Fender Stratocaster. Valued at $1200
  • Best Bassist: You will win a Fender Jazz Bass. Valued at $1300
  • Best Keys: You will win a Yamaha MX61. Valued at $1100
  • Best Keys: You will win a Yamaha MX61. Valued at $1100
  • Best Vocals: Steinberg Pack/Cranbourne Voucher. Valued at $1200
  • Best Drummer: PDP Drum Kit and Zildjian Pack Valued at $2000
  • Song of the Year: Win a Fender Squier Classic Vibe Mustang Valued at $800 
  • Video with the Most Views: Band Gets  $1000 (Total) to Spend at Cranbourne Music

PLUS YAMAHA MUSIC'S NEXT BIG THING PRIZES. Plus plenty of String and Stick Giveaways to random participants.