Port Macquarie Campus students wear purple to send the message 'to be proud of who you are".

Wear it Purple is a student-led, not-for-profit organisation and wants young people everywhere to know that they have the right to be proud of who they are and to know that an individual's sex, sexuality or gender identity does not change this. Wear It Purple encourages people who agree with this idea to show their support in various ways including:

  • wearing purple: showing your support by being seen in purple
  • speaking up: letting people know why you're wearing purple
  • spreading the love: posting and #wearitpurple your photos so that rainbow young people anywhere can feel the love
  • challenging yourself: thinking twice about how you perceive the person in front of you, and respect them for who they are
  • don't settle: if others are disrespectful to, or about, rainbow people — don't let it slide.

The day was organised by our LEAP students. They reflected on the day and what they could improve for next year.


It was nice to see so many teachers and staff showing support by wearing purple. We loved the purple wig (Mr Jackson) and the purple top hat (Mr Ruhl). The gates looked good. 


The wind broke the crepe paper on the gates later in the day. Some students just came out of uniform rather than wearing purple. 

The Wear It Purple Day kit which was supplied to us didn’t have enough stickers and wrist bands for everyone who wanted them. 

Interesting .

The amount of people (staff and students) who made a gold coin donation. The total amount collected and passed onto Wear It Purple to help at risk rainbow youth = $290.10. 

The conversations didn’t just stop at supporting rainbow youth. We also talked about accepting people for who they are no matter what size, colour, race or religion. People should be proud of who they are no matter what.  

We were surprised (in a nice way) that we were able to have a day like that and look forward to celebrating in 2021 without COVID restrictions to include purple cup cake stall.